Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lost & Wandering!!

I'm in that kind of mindless state of training where the time and effort seems to float by with me as a passenger.  Sure I'm training hard but I get into a flow that is comfortable and just the right pace that I feel I could stay there for much longer than I should.  Like my drive from Texas to California, the miles keep rolling by and I'm along for the ride but lost in thought and barely remember the road.  If I'm going to be grinding it out anyway it's nice to get a cruise day.  For that reason I give you the Jeff Beck classic, "Freeway Jam" -

Bruce Caldwell sent me my first pole today, a 4.30m/16.4 and will begin working on the others.  Pretty excited to get going.  I'll explain more about my vaulting plan when the poles get here and I finish my meet on 6/2.  Have a great evening and thanks for being here with me.  Bubba

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