Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things I Have Learnt

As mentioned yesterday this was a testing year to try a variety of things to see how my body responded.  My whole life was changing and my schedule would be a mess so why not experiment?  Why? To consistently jump at a high level I must also find a way to train at a high level consistently.  Travel helped to some degree as far as forced rest and hindered some too by too much rest and too much to eat.  My solution is to schedule my travel. 

I'll go every other week and thus stretch Monday/Tuesday of that week and resume training while missing no days until I leave town again.  I will do an easy track shake out on Wednesday afternoon when I return and jump on Thursday.  So every other Thursday is a well rested jump day, then back to a grind for 11 days.  So 11 hard days, two off/stretch days, and one active rest track day before beginning the 14 day cycle again with a fresh vault day.

Over the next two weeks I will break out the other components and discuss how they have changed and why.  Have a great day!  Bubba

Joe Satriani and Chickenfoot - "Down the Drain -

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