Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving On!!

Very good lift day.  Just trying to be careful as I bump the weights up considerably.  I was able to do bench step ups with the Olympic bar today so that's a big breakthrough.  Considering tomorrow will be four weeks since my injury and I have a meet in one week, I'm cautiously optimistic.  Body feels good but I need to not let my diet get away from me this weekend.

I've been inquiring on poles to Italy and Brazil and all of the elites say to fly to a big city and then rent a car and drive.  Hmmmmmmm - Rome to Torino is 6.5 hours and Sao Paulo, Brazil to Porto Alegre is 16+ hours.  I think I'll be shipping.

Have a great day and be safe this holiday!  Bubba

Tom Petty's, "Running Down a Dream" -

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