Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tough Times Ahead!! New Poles!!

Another grind day today.  I'm past feeling sore and weak and now I'm just executing the workout and hoping to survive it.  It's not that it's that hard but rather it's because I have lost the edge of my fitness.  Another brick in the wall I guess.

Last night I posted on Facebook that I was going to Italy and my good friend and Sydney runner up, Allan Williams of Great Britain let me know he turns 60 in May and looks forward to jumping with me.  Between him and Wolfgang Ritte (Wolfie - Masters version of Bubka), it will be very tough.  The hardest places to compete because of the depth of competition is California, Texas and Europe.  I won't be at home but will feel that way due to the toughness of the field.

Today I worked out a deal through Bruce Caldwell of Essx and my coach, Kris Allison to get eight new 4.30m (14' 1 1/4") poles for my championship year to Italy and Brazil.  I have a 17.9 and a 17.0 so I'm getting 17.5, 16.5, 16.0, 15.5, 15.0, 14.7, 14.4 and 14.1.  My goal is to only jump on these poles, one at a time until I know their feel and the optimal grip range for a couple of different run lengths.  Very excited about it.  That will give me ten 14' 1"s to go with my eight 4m (13' 1"), and my ten 4.45m (14' 7') poles.  I used to have some 14' 1s that were cut but I gave them to my buddy Dolf Berle.  My 14' 7s are flexed on a 14' 1" scale so some will fit between my new 14' 1s in case the gap feels too big.  I'm doubting that's the case but it's nice to have back up.

That's it for tonight except to say that my friend an M60 world record holder, John Altendorf and his wife Jodi will be here for a wedding and will visit.  John is the only 60+ year old person to ever vault 13' (3.97m) with an outdoor WR of 4.04m (13' 2 1/4") and indoor of 4.05m (13' 3 1/2").  He will jump Friday at Dana Hills High School.  Should be fun.  Have a great evening and thanks for your support.  Bubba

Motley Crue - "Wild Side" with a great series of Tommy Lee's rotating plexiglas drum cage - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nm1BJPe-pg

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