Monday, May 14, 2012

I'd Like a Little Italy!!

Every journey begins with a single step and today I took the first big one by entering the World Masters Games in Torino, Italy to be held August 2-11, 2013, a mere five weeks after I turn 60 to be the youngster in the group.  Today was the first day you could enter.  The entry fee of 170 Euros ($218 USD) will be the least expensive part of the trip.  I can only hope shipping my poles turn out to be less that the $1,900 it took to get them to Sydney, Australia and back.

This morning when I was lifting I was thinking about just how very far I am from being ready to do what I hope to do in Italy.  Actually I started thinking during my bike ride about how we used to load up our bikes and ride across Catalina.  You would be in your smallest gear because the hills were so steep.  You might be going 1-2 miles per hour and just hoping you could keep enough momentum to go forward.  Still, within 10 minutes you would look back down on Avalon in shock that you had managed to come that far and rise that high so quickly.  Almost six hours later you would arrive at the other end of the island.  All of this felt impossible almost the entire trip but you just kept going.

I was also thinking about the first practice in 1997 when I was getting ready for Worlds in South Africa.  I wanted to jump 12' (3.66m) five times from my 12 step (6 strides) run and I only made it twice.  Sixteen years later I can easily make that height from 6 steps (3 strides) or half the run.  That year I jumped 14' 1 1/4" (4.30m), the same goal I have in mind for this year.  I'll do a TON of big pole plant drills so I can get my grip up 3-6" (7.5-15cm), and a lot more longer run vaults.

My points are that I am a person who needs purpose and consistency.  The examples I offer remind me that I must be patient but fanatically consistent.  I can't raise my body to the next level at the age and hold it together unless I go slow and consistent.  Better start early.  I started Monday with my body and mind and symbolically by entering the championships today.  Thank you for your support.  Bubba

Republica - "Ready to Go"

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