Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the Other Hand?!

NO, this is not my hand but sometimes we overlook the obvious like the hand in front of our face; this one with six fingers.  The National Senior Games Association conducts state senior games and our Southern California version is this Saturday at the Pasadena Senior Games.  Senior Games have 18+ sports where as "Athletics" is what the rest of the world calls track & field.  These two associations could care less about each other and truly know very little about the other's plans or intentions.  SO, Saturday morning is the Pasadena Senior Games and Saturday afternoon at UCLA is the USA Track & Field Southern California Championships.  What dummy thought it would be a good idea to have these on the same day?  They probably don't even know - or care.

Today was my sprint drill/skip/stretch day and it felt OK.  Each ramp down before a meet I make the decision to run 4 X hill/stadium ramps or take the easier road and do the short sprint drills.  If my legs feel great then I'll do the stadium ramps because it is too early to feel this good for Saturday.  If I feel OK or so, so, like today, I'll take the easier path. 

Since I haven't touched a pole since Texas on April 29, who knows what will happen or how I will feel.  I should be stronger and faster but I also feel a few pounds heavier.  When you haven't trained really hard for awhile it seems like you gain a little weight at first and then it goes down.  I've had a great training run but felt heavy too.  I'll just take bigger poles I guess and be prepared to grip 2-3" lower.  Have a great evening and thanks for your support!!  Bubba

Always a fun song by Bowling for Soup - "1985" -

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