Thursday, May 17, 2012

John Altendorf

At World Indoors at Kamloops, BC, Canada in 2010 with his drug testing escort.  He needed to wait to pee so this is the guy they put with him.
In action getting his outdoor WR in Sacramento in 2010.  BTW - he forgot to put his helmet on indoors for the WR jump so one WR with helmet and one without.

Tonight will be short while I await the arrival of my friend John Altendorf and his wife Jodi.  John is the only man 60+ to ever vault 13' with WR indoors and out at 4.05m and 4.04m respectively.  They have a wedding in Huntington Beach Saturday so we will go out and let him vault in practice tomorrow.  I can assure you that I will bitch at him famously to make a bigger effort to be the only one to jump 13' at 65+ since he's in that group.  I've already told him that he knows a few others are going t make it at 60 but none of us will at 65 and he certainly can.  Have a great day!!  Bubba

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