Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rest Sucks!!

OK, maybe not on rest sucks, but it's sure hard to get the body moving after the break.  I need to remember to stretch on the non-training days.  That's going to be a big deal as I go to Denver tomorrow.  This two week, three rotation program is going to prove about right.  Today was the last day of 11 consecutive training days and I feel that much more would start breaking me down.  My first rotation is shorter but harder/heavier, the 2nd is a medium with more volume.  The last one is the same as the first one but not being fresh I don't push the intensity so much but rather shoot for a high quality session.  All in all it's another brick in the wall.

I have the Pasadena Senior Games two weeks from yesterday and my buddy Gary Scheffe is coming in from Texas to jump with me in it.  I have no idea what to expect from me.  I think my body will be OK but I know nothing about the facility and I don't know what new poles will be here yet.  I think the best plan is just to stay on my 14'7s (4.45m) until after the Southern California Masters Championships (also in Pasadena) on June 16.

I feel like I'm gaining some momentum but I'm far from feeling like an athlete.  I'll just stay after it.  Cosnistency is everything.  Thanks for being here and have a great evening.  Bubba

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