Friday, June 29, 2012

And a 1, and a 2 and a 3!!

HERE is a great take off!!  Click to enlarge.
As Lawrence Welk used to conduct and Jack LaLane used to instruct, this count means basically "here we go, try and keep up". That's pretty much my story. I'm taking yesterday, today and tomorrow off (1,2,3) in order to come out fresh Sunday and see if my leg is dinged or "sunburned". Based on how it feels today it's sunburned because the hot spot has diminished a lot. As mentioned yesterday, it really doesn't matter as I will continue my regular plan to the point that I feel anything and then I'll stop.

Several years ago when learning this drill - I overdid it by trying to see how high I could grip on a non-bending pole. The result was that when my leg snapped straight it caused a hyperextension of my left knee that sent a signal to the nerve saying I was about to hurt my hamstring; hence my white knee brace in every video. I screwed around with this thing for several months treating it like a hamstring injury and it never was. What I finally decided to do was to jump on a really tiny pole until I felt it and then stop. After two weeks I could jump on my regular poles and not feel it at all. Now I had tried this earlier but I tried to use big poles from the start rather than ramp up so that triggered the nerve. Anyway, my under leg ding thing I think will respond the same way. Keep it light and easy and stop when I feel it. I should be able to do a little more each time f that is the answer. Hey, it worked before Reno this year for the same injury.

Our Olympic team was set yesterday with a series of very pedestrian vaults due partly to bad weather. Fortunately there will probably be rain in London so I guess that is good prep work. Our girls also had unremarkable performances. Now this doesn't take away from the joy and pride of making the Olympic team, but overall as a country we are now far from the dominant force who won the silver and bronze in 2000 and 2004 with four different vaulters. On the girls side, Stacy won the gold in the first ever vault in gold medal in 2000, and Jenn got the silver last time.

At this point the only athlete who can compete at the 5.90m (19' 4 1/2") mark is the winner Brad Walker, who jumped a foot below his AR to make the team. No one in the world fears the Americans. Why? I think there is too much emphasis on the grip and size of pole and not enough time spent on technical improvements. When is the last time you saw a take off like the girl above and I have never heard of her.  Of course soon we all will know her because with this type of technique she WILL improve. 

I see a lot of athletes saving jumps out of bad to average positions rather than making jumps with technical prowess and awareness. My 2 cents. Have a great day and thanks for being here! Bubba

Robin Trower's, "Too Rolling Stoned" - Working on this song on guitar.

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