Monday, June 11, 2012

Lost My Fitness Edge

It's been said a million times that you can't hold your peak too long and that at some point you have to cycle down and ramp up all over again if you're ever going to find the next level.  You can't just continue and expect to grow from the top.  The base must be revisited.

I think this has been me since just before I moved.  I needed to be within striking distance to jump high at any point and as a result I had good residual strength and speed but my base had completely disappeared.  For example, yesterday I did what used to be my warm up and it not only felt like an endurance workout, but made my feet sore from all of the running.  I shouldn't be surprised that I keep getting these little dings.  So yesterday I began the complete regroup.  I'm sure it will take me a goo 3-4 months before I am in "worthy" physical condition again but that's where I need to go. 

My metabolism has slowed to point it's a struggle to control my weight so it's back to the grind of base work.  I'm actually relieved.  My next meet on my horizon is Reno, in January 2013.  And THAT is what it takes to get to "Higher Ground" -  Thanks for being here!  Bubba

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