Sunday, June 3, 2012


I woke up this morning with my solution clear in my mind.  As I worked through the details of how I would implement my revised plan, I realized it was almost the exact same program I used in 2009, except I'm starting at a much higher level as I move into it.

The plan is simple; I need to jump two days a week because I am a pole vaulter.  I can't condition the rest of my body and not condition the event.  That would be like going to weightlifting events with no practice and only attempting to max for the contests.  My two days will be Sunday/Thursday because it doesn't matter if I'm traveling or not because I am always home on these days.  The main rule is to jump two days no matter what pole I can use.

On the jump days I will lift legs because that gives me the best chance to feel fresh again before the next jump session.  The next day will be upper and bike.  I've decided that if I ride the brutal hill in front of my house while remaining seated on the bike, it will directly engage the underside of my legs much better that lunges of bench steps ups.  Normally I stand on the pedals on the difficult parts but now I will sit.  I can feel that pain right now just thinking about it.  It's going to work and it's going to suck but it's going to be the solution.

I used to tell my elite athletes that it takes about 2-3 weeks of training to adjust so that you could still jump at a pretty high level no matter what other training you are doing in conjunction with your vaulting.  Well vaulting comes first so I will slowly ramp up both the lifting running and vaulting.  The tail no longer wags the dog.  My other training now circles my vaulting efforts and goals. 

I'll start Thursday at a very low level from two steps and enjoy the process.  As for my old program, which I am very thankful for because it got me to such a higher physical level, it will now take a back seat until I can ramp it up around my vaulting.  It's in the rear view mirror and will soon again become my "partner in progress". 

Thanks for your support and encouragement.  I met a great guy in the M75 group yesterday who reads this blog.  His words are so true as I worked through yesterday's disappointment - "It's all about the process".  Ain't it the truth Brutha!  Bubba

The Guess Who - "No Time Left For You" - the seldom heard long version.

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