Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beautiful Saturday!!

I went out with the kids this morning as they had their first meet from 2,4 & 6 steps.  Fun to see them getting a few things down and having them transfer over as their run becomes "longer".  I did a few little demonstration take offs for some new girls, just jogging in on a 1360 that was way too small.  Had a great gym/bar session before we met at 8:30 AM.

News - The Olympic Trials PV for the women was rained out last night so they will have all 26 girls vault in the final tomorrow.  That will be really strange since they were looking for a field of 12-16.  It's really tough on the top girls who now have to sit around longer.  The good news is that they have moved the start time up to 1 PM Pacific instead of 5 PM.

Along those same lines, USATF decided not to accept a few qualifying marks from the last weekend before the Trials.  Then changed their mind about two of the girls but not the other two.  Then one of the two was told not to come, but did and was going to be allowed to jump but it was rained out.  The one girl left at home appears on the start list for the final even though they told her not to come, because she did not show up for prelims, which were rained out.  My guess is that she's on her way.  We had a couple of Facebook exchanges today because I posted that I saw her on the start list.  She's like, "HUH?  WHERE?".  Right there on the USATF website.  My guess is that she is in the air as we speak.  Good luck to them all!!

Tomorrow I turn 59 so I'm looking around for the "Single Age" world and American record for 59.  We have 55-59 records but there are also single age records.  The single age WR for 58 was 4m (13' 1 1/2") and the AR was 13' 1".  I made 13' in Reno and just didn't really have much interest in pursuing those records as getting more fit was my goal for this year.

I'm in a good place with a good routine where I continue to gain momentum and even look forward to training each morning.  I feel like I'm back in my element.  In all likelyhood I will fart around and vault with the kids a little next Thursday as that will be just two days shy of four weeks since I ALMOST, but didn't, ding my leg again.  Should be fun.  Have a great evening and thanks for being here!  Bubba

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