Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Of Ruts & Death!!

I do a lot of thinking these days while training.  It's kind of odd because I usually just get lost in my sessions like long distance runners or cyclists do.  I think I'm adjusting to my new life, which is really the old life that I missed; consistent training.  When you've worked as hard as I did and lost some fitness it's hard to regain the momentum necessary enough to sustain an effort to get it back.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very strong and very fast for me, but I'm fragile to a greater degree because I have only "maintained" rather than advanced my fitness.  SO, here are my random thoughts.

It has many times been said that three letters in the word "routine" are "rut", and three letters in the word "diet" are die".  Unfortunately you need some of both of these in order to gain momentum.  On the other hand, a friend used to tell me to be selective in my training thresholds with this reasoning; you can begin picking up a calf on the day it is born, and for training you can go out and pick it up every day - for awhile.  At some point you can't pick up that cow so why kill yourself and kill the fun of the process?

Along these lines, I used to time every running rep and tried to PR in some lift each day whether it was a PR for a 6 rep, a 3 rep, or whatever.  I got better real quick but I dreaded my workouts after awhile and begin getting hurt all of the time.  Now I just go with what my body gives me,  I ignore the weak mind but listen carefully to the weak body.

Today I'm Mike Myers as the "Fat Bastid", but I'm starting to feel like an athlete again.  That feeling will get me over the threshold of fighting myself to be consistent.  It also makes me more careful about what I eat. 

The moral of today's story is that I have found that without a routine and diet in the initial stages, that I will quickly get in a rut and die athletically while diffusing my internal spirit to get better.  In short - I hate myself!!  When you're feeling fat and out of shape it's easy to continue the same because you can't get it in gear to get moving all of the time.  When you start to get fit you say you're never going back. to fat  I can't wait to say that again, but unfortunately that part is required - the wait.

Have a great day and thanks for being here.  Today's music is Heart's, "Crazy on You", which I am working on with my guitar.  Bubba

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  1. Oh buddy! I can empathize with you! When you said "You start to get fit and say you're never going back" it really hit home! I have said that before, but I have been really good for at least a year and have kept within 5 pounds of where I should be. BUT!!! I was doing that a lot a few years ago. I have found that when I get sloppy and don't follow a solid nutritional/exercise regime, I pull up with more injuries! I don't think my legs can handle the weight gain and it retaliates with "dings". Serves me right if I am going to be serious about my vaulting. I need to train smart, still hard but smart. I need to be the best I can be at any age if I continue to play with the big boys! Funny thing is...when I do come down with a "ding", don't ask me why, I become very motivated to get better instead of sulking and giving in to the age thing. That's too easy to do and that is not my way of dealing with it! I know you are like that too! That is why I have so much respect for you. Anyway! Thanks for these awesome posts. I do enjoy them! Dan(Hopalong)