Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm SLOW!!

Today I had the harsh reality that my walking stride with my sled is shorter than my present running stride.  Literally, walking back to start my next run had a longer and more powerful stride.  But at least I ran my 10 sleds.  I don't know what else I expected since I was injured just four days ago. 

The reality is that I am just about as far along now as I was over three weeks into the last recovery.  I'm just going to go after it every day and fully expect to be at another level at 12 weeks.  In fact, during every single rep of every set, I stayed focused by simply saying to myself, "12 weeks".  This is a message to myself that, even when I start feeling better along the way, that my commitment to this insanity IS a full 12 weeks. 

As mundane as that sounds, the grind excites me because I know what it produces.  Do I want to reach my goals or do I feel stupid enough to believe they will happen by merely saying it?  I'm in a good place and gaining momentum.  Thanks for your support!  Bubba

AC/DC - "Shoot to Thrill" from Ironman -

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