Friday, March 28, 2014

World Indoors!!

Obviously I am hurt and wasn't going anyway, but 11' 3 3/4" was 2nd, and 11' was 3rd.  OUCH!!

 WMA Championship Meet                    28/03/2014 - 16:25 PM
2014 WMA World Indoor Championships - 25/03/2014 to 30/03/2014
                       Budapest, Hungary                      

Event 333  M60 Pole Vault
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals
  1 Ritte, Wolfgang          M61 Germany                  4.00m
  2 Hadinger, Antonin        M62 Czech Republic           3.45m
  3 Blunt, David             M60 Great Britain             3.35m
  4 van Vliet, Marc          M62 Netherlands              3.25m
  5 Rappo, Francesco         M63 Italy                    3.15m
  6 Weires, Winfried         M61 Germany                  2.95m
  7 Plotnikov, Valeriy       M63 Russia                  J2.95m
  8 Oidermaa, Elmo           M64 Estonia                  2.75m
  9 Giorgetti, Carlo Andrea  M60 Denmark                  2.65m
10 Miihkkinen, Jouko        M62 Finland                 J2.65m
11 Klimov, Sergey           M60 Kazakhstan               2.45m
12 Soffientini, Virginio    M60 Italy                    2.15m
-- Williams, Allan          M60 Great Britai                NH
-- Fiedler, Karel           M64 Czech Republic              NH

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