Saturday, March 22, 2014


I'm always managing my planning and strategy depending on how my body feels from day to day, hour to hour, and sometimes minute to minute.  Two days ago I ran bleacher ramps with ankle weights at 70% easily and was more surprised I felt my groin since I never felt my hamstring.  Of course that is great news but this morning my hamstring occasionally stings, yet when I press it or contract it; nothing.  Phantom pains from healing? Adhesions breaking loose?  I don't know nor really care.  I'll be extra careful when I run again tomorrow. 

All I know is that tomorrow is the end of week three out of 12.  When I start jumping is not as important to me as how good I feel when I do start.  My guess is that I will wait until my new small poles are here and that could realistically be 2-3 weeks.  This would probably be the wisest move anyway.  I already feel pretty strong and I'm becoming more fit daily, so I can't see the harm in the wait no matter how long it is.  Have a great day and thanks for supporting me!  Bubba

Rush - "Limelight" -

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