Friday, March 14, 2014

Light At the End of the Tunnel?

Today at 12 days since my injury, and on my 5th running day with a sled, I was finally able to run with a rhythm instead of a limp.  Granted I'm only going maybe 20-25% but just a few days ago I was at 8-10%.  I could do leg curls with barely a notice, etc.  So apparently I'm far from well but at least at a point I'm about to turn the corner to get better.  My hope is that after four weeks I can do so running plants on the ground and then start moving through tiny poles starting with a 1330.

SO, three things are important here.  1) I was injured because I let my leg heal only, and did not rehab/condition it to be better.  I have never done that nor will I again.  Clearly my hard but cautious training is making it respond far faster.  2) I need my knee brace to keep my leg from flying into a hyperextension.  Once that happens the nerve sends a message to the hammy that it is weak and is about to go.  Since I forgot my knee brace in Colorado I believe this is part of the cause.  That said, my experience is that one you trigger this type of a strain, you have to ramp back up really slowly through small poles; hence the 1330 in a couple of weeks.  3) Though my technique has been very good, I first learned this breakthrough constant hand pressure technique on a 1330 and then progressed it to my other poles over a two week period.  This was in 2008 where I was able to move up 11 poles from the same run.  NOW I have the time to revisit and work my way back through the progression.  VERY excited and optimistic at my progress  Have a great day and thanks for being here!  Bubba

Def Leppard - "Bringing On the Heartbreak" - - How I felt less than two weeks ago when my leg blew up again.

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