Sunday, March 16, 2014

YES - It's Real!!

Two days after I said I thought I was turning the corner, suddenly I can run 40-50% with no pain.  In fact, my wind was becoming a bit of a factor on my running.  Amazing!  Two weeks ago today I strained my hamstring so this is much faster than last time.  The progress also validates my belief that working it is better than resting it.

As I type my age group is jumping at nationals in Boston.  I keep going back over to check but no results are posted yet.  I'm epexcting the winning vault to be about 10'.  My best this year is 12' but if you're hurt you can't jump.  Congrats to the guys smart enough to get there in one piece.

I'm now thinking about going to worlds in Lyon, France next year, as last night I found out it's a month after the National Senior Games.  Since my friend Allan Williams will drive from Great Britain and we use the same poles, it should be less of a nightmare.  Nothing in stone but thinking about it.  Have a great day!!  Bubba

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