Saturday, March 29, 2014


Tomorrow will be four weeks since my injury.  For the most part I see no reason I couldn't do a little low level vaulting tomorrow, but the other part of me says no way.  I feel great, and then out of the blue I feel some type of pain or tightness in the lower hamstring, even though I hurt it a little higher the last time. 

To add to the confusion, my three new little poles will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday and I am home the entire following week.  This tells me I could get 4-5 easy jump days in between next Thursday and the time I leave town again.  My gut says to wait a week but then I burn and lose the only full week I have at home. 

The probable outcome is that I will do takeoffs and maybe swing ups on Thursday and maybe Sunday, then try to get some real jumps during my home week. It's never an easy decision, especially when you really don't want that rehab clock to start over at day 1 when you are approaching day 42.  Oh well, we will see.  Have a great day!  Bubba

Van Halen - "5150" -  Because I am!

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