Thursday, March 20, 2014

Unexpected Benefit?!

I got back from my weekly business trip and went out to run sleds like I do every day upon my return.  My sled was missing.  No idea where it is nor why it wouldn't be in the spot it has always been.  I thought for a minute and decided to run 10 X bleacher ramps.  These are at a decent incline and about 50m long.  I figure with the incline and ankle weights I could get maybe a bit more turnover than with the sled.

As I was doing these ramps it occurred to me that I do need to run faster than I can with the sleds if I want speed endurance on the runway.  That said I still need the resistance of the incline and the ankle weights.  Before I added the ankle weights I was getting weird groin and hip dings.  Since I added them my body can take faster turnover.  Long story short, it may actually be time for me to make such a switch anyway so I can gain some additional speed.  So I think I found an unexpected benefit I would not have thought of if someone hadn't moved my sled. I'm still on a mission to find it this afternoon though.

Oh yeah; I was able to run 70-80% today and will start doing some low level jumping next Thursday.  Got hard quality lifts and bars followed so overall a very good day.  Now I wish you a great one!  Bubba

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