Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Contemplation Day

Suddenly I'm getting stronger and my weights lifted are going up.  No explanation other than consistency of effort.  Pleased to have been home long enough to gain that momentum.  Off to California M-W and then move there the following Wednesday.  I REALLY have to get the most out of my training or lose ground.

I saw that Mike Sherman was fired as the Texas A&M football coach.  That wasn't surprising but the underlying story was this;
  • they lost 6 games this year
  • they were ahead in all 6
  • they were ahead by double digits in 5 of the 6
Total lack of focus, attention to detail and commitment are the only "excuses".  THAT is on the coach.  I have always liked him as a coach but he's too much of a "float down the river with few waves" type of guy as he has aged / matured.  It just reminds me I can never grow up.  I will continue as "The Trooper" - Have a great day!  Bubba

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