Friday, December 23, 2011

Crossroads Again

I went to the gym earlier today to see if it was any better and it is not.  Too many people standing and sitting on or around the equipment or only one / none piece/s of popular equipment.  I went to buy a great home gym Smith Machine/Power Rack combo and it was too tall for my garage.  May get it any way and put it on the back deck.

Went to Dana Hills high school and ran 6 X 100m on their artificial turf field.  They have nice bleachers and a long ramp I could run up like a hill.  I have a contact for their coach so I'll see what the access will be like when school starts.

I'm meeting Simon Arkell to try and vault on Monday morning at 9.  Hope they have a good running situation.  He said he would get me a key so I could keep my poles there.

SO, optimistic but still some loose ends.  I'm ramping back up to training so it's not like I'm missing anything.  I am lifting and running as I learn my way around my options.  Thanks for being here.  I'll be glad when I get settled into a real routine.  Have a great evening!  Bubba

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  1. Keep me posted about SaddleBack! That's still close to home for me!