Thursday, December 29, 2011

Patience & Luck

I feel a little better today so I hope that means I will be able to jump a little tomorrow.  AND, not to be greedy (well yes - greedy), but if I can jump tomorrow I will try again Monday before I head out of town on business for three days.  Why?  Three weeks from today I am sitting in Reno.  It's kind of important to know IF I can jump and what level that may be at.  My gut feeling is that I will get past these two low level vault days and be able to go fairly aggressive at Reno.  We will see.

Today on a hunch I went to Sports Authority to see if the opening in front of the Smith Machine was wide enough to park my car into.  Right next to the set up I wanted was one with all of the same features but about 4" shorter.  Yes, this means it fits in the original spot I wanted to put the other one.  Bought it and it will be delivered next week.  I will still go to the gym to lift legs and bars but my "Day 2" will now be at home as it was a couple of years ago.  That day in the gym is just too crowded, cramped for space and a constant wait to lift.

Tonight I have my new jump mate Dan Cassidy coming over. Looking forward to it.  Have a great day and thanks for being here.  Bubba

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  1. Bubba! I always love coming here to read your blogs! I is one of my new favorite things to do before going to bed! It was so nice of you and Nancy to have Jeanne and I over for a visit an wonderful dinner! We are so happy to be your new friends! Looks like I may be living up to the expectation of training hard enough to get injured, without even trying! I agree though.... If your not hurting somewhere, than at our age, we are not pushing to improve! Frustrating? Yes! But so much better than the alternative! Thanks again for all of your helpful tips! It's fun to feel alive!