Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stress Free? Partly? Maybe?

This morning I saw my sportsmed surgeon, Dr. Scott Rand, fully expecting a stress fracture on the outside of my right foot.  It just feels like bones are separating in an unnatural way followed by pain.  I tried to pass if off as a tendinitis caused by turning my foot outside to push off when my left knee was flared before the National Senior Games this summer.  He agreed it could be that but wanted a series of X-Rays to rule out a stress fracture.  Of course I told him it doesn't hurt to run and vault so I could rest it after Reno on January 20.  His response, "if you have a stress fracture you will have a new screw in it before then".  Result?  NO STRESS FRACTURE!!  SO, BIG ASS CORTISONE INJECTION that hurt so bad!!  For those of you who have not had these injections, the more it hurts the better the result.  So YEAH!!

Tomorrow I pick up Don at 6 AM and the loaders arrive at 7 to fill the truck.  Hopefully we are on the road by noon or 1 PM and will drive about 8 hours.  The plan / hope for Thursday is to get up at 4 AM and make it to Yuma, Arizona in about 12-13 hours.  That means we wake up Friday and leave at 6 and should be to the new house by 10 AM.  I'm telling you this now because I really doubt we will hit all of these targets.  How far off I don't know but considering I have done this move by myself driving straight through for 25 hours, I think this should be less taxing.

Have a great day and thank you for following this journey.  Bubba
Free - "Alright Now" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htuxb-m4-ng

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