Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving SOON!

Me with Don Curry at the awards ceremony at the National Senior Games in 2007.
Don won the gold and I was 2nd with the silver.

I pick up the truck tomorrow, get the poles from the school, have the movers load the truck on Wednesday morning, attach the car trailer and hit the road by 1 PM.  My lifelong friend and training partner, Don Curry has been kind enough to drive the truck where I can drive the SUV with three dogs.  Who got the better deal?  Always appreciate Don.  We have shared so much in our lives and he is the only one I could count on to visit me when I lived in California before.

Two weeks and two days after my meet at Kris' and I still feel that spot on my leg.  That bugs me but I won't even jog for another week so I'm sure it will be good to go. Hopefully I'll get the tendon on the outside of my foot shot with cortisone tomorrow so that requires a break anyway.  Worse case it is a stress fracture that I will deal with after Reno.  It doesn't hurt to run or lift so how bad can it be?  If I slide my foot to the outside or roll to the outside it hurts; otherwise not?  Seems to be related to a combination of sideways rotation and over pronation.  I'll see what Dr. Rand says.  I'm prepared for anything.  Just get me past Reno healthy.

I'll try to keep posting form the road but have patience.  Thanks for being here!  Bubba

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