Saturday, December 31, 2011

Great Day!? Seemed That Way?!

I have a question mark because I'm cautiously optimistic yet really know nothing.  Today I jumped 12' (3.66m) easily twice from my 6 step run - 33'/10m on my biggest 13' 1" (4m) pole.  On any other day that would be very good.  I felt my groin a little but not as much as on Monday.  I won't jump again until next Saturday where I will just attempt to repeat what I did today but try 12' 6" (3.81m) a few times.  If I get past next Saturday I think I will be well.  Or will I?

On the surface I couldn't be more pleased but I know I'm on that line of getting better or being set back.  I felt "safer" today and expect to next Saturday as well.  That's why I won't bump the level and go to 14' 1" poles next weekend.

SO, currently the plan for Reno is to take a big 13' 1" pole to warm up on, move through my first 14' 1" pole and get to my big one by 12' ish, then get to my three 14' 7"s (4.45m) for the higher heights.  I'm hoping that will be a gentle enough ramp up not to knock me out after warm up.  If you remember, at Kris' in November I felt good in warm up but my leg started flaring during the break.  Hoping to go easy enough at Reno that I can push it in the meet.  To do that I think I need to start on small poles, at a low height (11' 6" / 3.51m) and work my way through.  I guess if I can get past the warm up and restart without pain, I can open it up some on real poles. 

OF COURSE I will not know any of this until Reno.  Since I jump Friday night, three weeks from now I will be done.  Hence all of the question marks.  It's critical that I don't push my jumping in practice if I want to be good at Reno.  I think I will stay on the 13' 1"s the entire way until I leave.  Have a great day and Happy New Year.  Have fun and be safe!!  Bubba

Today I salute my buddy Dean "The Machine" Gregory with Chickenfoot's, "Turning Left".  Hard to beat this "supergroup led by Sammy Hagar and guitar virtuoso, Joe Satriani.  Michael Anthony is a good bass player but I never realized what a good drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) is. -

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