Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Travel Day

Nice clear day with 73 degrees but supposedly it will be in the teens next week. Since I'm only running and not jumping I'm not so concerned about the weather. That said, I still hate the cold.

I'll just grind away until I'm 9-10 days out and then do a quick taper down in order to feel good for Reno. So what seemed like a four week grind really comes out to be 2.5 weeks of every day training. Kinda looks like this;
  • M - AM - Lift garage/bars - PM 10 X 50m hill/sled
  • T - Cardio at gym then garage lift #2
  • W - 10 X 50m hill/sled
  • Th - Cardio at gym + gym lift and bars
  • F - Lift garage/bars
  • Sa - 10 X 50m hill/sled then garage lift #2
  • Su - Cardio at gym + gym lift and bars
Lift 6 days, bars 4 days, sled 3 days, hill/sleds 3 days, big pole plant/sprint drills every running day.

If this works how I think it will I will do it for 3.5 weeks after Reno before indoor nationals. About the time my body completely rebels the ramp down comes in. The rest allows me to start back at a higher level for the next ramp up. That's the theory anyway. Have a great evening and thanks for being here! Bubba

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