Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weird Mind Things

Can't figure out why that when I have a long and extended grind period that I can focus in and feel every rep of every set of every component. Now I'm close to a big meet and my training load is way down I'm like a kid with ADD in that I have to really pay attention to stay engaged. Short bursts of all out power. Obviously I can do it and do, but it surprises me how much harder it is to do easy training, and how easy it is to do harder training.

Senior Admirers
I do odd bar drills with ankle weights in the gym which draws some attention I guess. I say I guess because I usually don't talk in the gym during my workout, unless I'm coming or going, but occasionally someone will stop me and ask me something. I was on the 24 Hour Fitness website after I won the World Masters Games and there is still a framed summary of about eight members goals and accomplishments near the front door and I am one of those. Apparently the old guys have adopted me. One guy who I always speak with told me one day, "you're making us old guys look good" and gave me a thumbs up. He is about 70 so I guess he thinks I'm close to that too. Since then about 5-6 other "older" gentlemen have taken to speaking with me which is cool.

I bring this stuff up because I have a really nice group of people in the gym, of all ages. I see a lot of accomplished physiques and they all seem to do different things. This reminds me of some very simple advice I once read, "the most effective workout for you is the one you will always do". Lots of ways to reach the same goal but showing up IS the biggest part of the battle. The next part is give yourself something you will do no matter how you feel.

After all of the grinding, heavy weights now feel light but if I stay on heavy weights only I will grow weak and lose conditioning. It's just a big cycle that gets fine tuning daily. BUT - this is the last gym day before Reno. I lift in the garage tomorrow and do running Tuesday and that is it except for stretching.

Thanks for being here and for your support. Everything feels good at this point. Bubba

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