Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stronger & Better

One week ago I decided to bump all of my reps up to 28 so that means any combination to hit 28. Previous to that I was going 18 one day (8,6,4) and 12 (6,4,2) on the 2nd day. I also added three cardio days where I go 12 minutes on the Gauntlet (actual stairs, not the tip toe up and down) and 12 minutes of stationary bike. I'm doing this instead of 200s/150s/100s. Instead of sled/hills on days of 8, 10, and 6 all days are 10. So one week later, I'm not only still standing but all of my lifts are almost up to where I was with the fewer reps. I know I have been in a maintenance mode in all areas while I got used to the 14' 7"/4.45m poles, but apparently I have more strength and endurance in reserve.

As I have gotten more aggressive I feel small hints of the groin deal but had I jumped last Saturday I would probably be jogging at 20-30% instead of running sled at 80-85%. I feel REALLY good about that decision last week. As hard as it was I needed to be cautious. Along the same lines, I will skip Joshua to be 100% at Reno. And yet again in a precautionary move I have asked to be put on Pit 2 instead of Pit 1 so I don't have to be on huge poles right from the start. All in all I'm where I need to be and am surprised that my body has responded so well to the bump in all loads. But that can change as time goes on. Have a great Sunday and thank you for supporting me! Bubba

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