Monday, January 24, 2011

One Training Day Left

Got my last lift done this morning so that leaves me an easy day of 6 X 50m sled/hills. On my strength test for my bench I got 4 X 225 which is very good for me. I got 2 X 225 before I went to Sydney.

I feel good and am reasonably optimistic I'll be good at Reno. Nothing hurts but that doesn't mean anything. When you're only jumping on big poles and haven't touched one in four weeks anything can happen. Still, my training has been really good so I'm hopeful.

I get home from Reno on Sunday, do my normal Wednesday travel day on Monday, and then go to Florida for the rest of the week. I always try and plan a break the week after a big meet since that seems to be when I get hurt trying to jump. I'll get back from Florida and get a four week ramp up to indoor nationals.

I've kind of noticed that with crappy weather I train as long and hard as I can but once winter hits I only jump at indoor meets. IF I got a rare warm day on a scheduled jump day I could jump but it seems like a good chance to grind it out for 8 weeks to get ready for outdoors. We will see if that works. Hate risking injury by jumping in the cold and wet.

That's it for today but thanks for being here. I really appreciate it! Bubba

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