Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Sled/Hill Day

After barely surviving yesterday's lifting I was a little surprised to feel so good running today when I did my 10 X 50m sled/hills. Got up to about 80-85% and never felt the groin cramp I had last week.

Cold day with ice on the pit this morning. Next week will be in the teens. Not my idea of Texas weather but we have been lucky so far. I expect the usual two months of crap now.

I saw on that the entries are now posted for the World Championships in Sacramento in July. Normally that's a BIG complaint, you don't see the list until a week or so out. You can check it out here -

I wasn't tempted to vault today but I was tempted to reconsider and jump at Joshua next weekend. I decided against because I feel so good only one week after a scare at the Belton meet. Might as well keep cranking on the training and get it totally clear.

Hope you have a great Saturday and thanks for checking in on me! Bubba

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