Thursday, January 20, 2011


Had my next to the last hard lift today with a ramped down cardio and ramped up bars. After tomorrow everything slides down pretty quick except for the stretching. So here's what else is going on in my life;
  • Though I feel pretty good in that groin I occasionally make a weird move and it lets me know it is there. That makes me a little nervous but the best thing to do is rest. If it flares at all at Reno I will shut it down.
  • Speaking of shutting down, I'm buried in some work projects that could possibly have me moving to Florida, beginning some extensive travel, or BOTH. Because of that I'm going to indoor nationals at Albuquerque, and hopefully the National Senior Games here in Houston. How ironic would that be if I had to travel to a meet in my hometown from Florida, IF I can get the time off.
  • My real plan is to continue training like I'm going to the World Championships this summer in Sacramento and see what happens.
I'm not worried that I won't be able to train as that is an understood condition of my participation. I'm an independent, and for the most part make my own hours and schedule. The coach at the university where I might move has already extended an open invitation to train there. The problem is juggling my schedule. Where I am now I can come and go when I want, but it may not be the same when I'm at a university and working in and out of an office working environment. I'm not a 9-5 guy but I'm sure there will be meetings and responsibilities that will affect my ability to make my own schedule from time to time and that's OK at the beginning. Here I schedule business around my training schedule. It will end up the same way in any of these situations but the first few months will be very hectic. So Sacramento is 50/50 and that sucks!!

This is the place in the story where most people lose touch with vaulting and training, but it's too dang hard to make up that lost ground. No matter what happens I'll train HARD. How much I get to vault and compete may or may not be another story. Lots of good meets in Florida. The funny part is that Nancy and I had already decided to investigate Florida for retirement. We will see what we shall see but it sure makes training harder with no real definitive goal.

In any case, thanks for being here for me! Bubba

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