Friday, January 21, 2011

Unplanned Off Day

Today my shoulders were a little sore and my hips were a little tighter than I would like, so I bailed on training today. I'm really very ready so I saw no sense in annoying something that is nothing. I'm just stiff from the higher intensity training so it's fine to skip.

Later in the day I ran across the parking lot to avoid some cars and felt pretty quick. Overall I feel really good. Tomorrow is another hill/sled day and it will be cold again (25). I'm planning for 8 X 50m with 6 X 50m on Tuesday. I'm fine to go 6 each day if that feels right but right now I plan on 8 tomorrow followed by a long stretch. Overall I feel pretty outstanding so I'll just chill and not be stupid.

The poles left for Reno today and a week from today I will also be there. I'm finishing up on a big work project with one more coming up before I leave next Thursday. I like to ramp up a lot of work stuff when my training winds down so I don't think too much. Or like my dad says, "me thinking is working without tools". So I will report back tomorrow on how things go. Thank you so much for being here. Some times are much more challenging than others and all of this uncertainly is more than a little stressful. That said, nothing will happen between now and Reno so I just need to go and enjoy the ride. Thanks again! Bubba

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