Saturday, January 1, 2011


In meet results terms that means I did not compete (DNC). I felt tight behind the left knee during my warm up but made 12' 6" (3.81m) twice easy on my smallest pole so thought it would be a great day. When it was time to get on the runway I started feeling a little twinge in the right groin. Ran down and did not take off on run through #1, and then did the same for #2 and called it a day with no meet attempts.

I had this same feeling in Wisconsin in 2009 and took three more jumps and got a little ding. That ding strung out and cost me the chance to jump at the National Senior Games at Stanford, and threatened my trip to Australia. So YES, I could have probably jumped but it wasn't worth the risk. I never felt it during my warm up so I'm not hurt. TOUGH call but it had to be done.

WHY? I ran Thursday and not Wednesday and my body needs that one day longer. When I stretch my hip/glute with traction it tugs on the groin so I will stop doing that. Lesson learned without injury.

The plan now is to crank my butt off on sled, lifting and bars and show up to Reno ready to rock. I will skip Joshua in two weeks to assure total health. I'm really pumped about this plan because I need to get back to some serious training. Glad I was cautious but VERY excited that it resulted in this plan. If that works as well as I think it will I will do the same and not jump during the five weeks between Reno and Indoor Nationals in Albuquerque. Have a great New Year! Bubba

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