Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Training Day

I haven't tested my groin since 1/1 so today I decided to alternate sprint drills with a huge pole while wearing ankle weights, in between my 6 X 50m hill/sled. Everything felt outstanding so I am good to go. Will probably repeat on Tuesday and be set. Today I did the following over 50m slight hill;
  1. carioca/side shuffle
  2. 50m w/sled
  3. high knees
  4. 50m w/sled
  5. straight leg march
  6. 50m w/sled
  7. step out
  8. 50m w/sled
  9. power skip
  10. 50m w/sled
  11. butt kicks
  12. 50m w/sled
VERY please with how my body felt. Have a great day! Bubba

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