Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back At It

Sled/hills felt heavy and sluggish today but I got all 10 done. It was 25 degrees this morning and 44 when I ran this afternoon. As usual for Texas, it will be 74 on Saturday, and raining.

Two weeks from tomorrow I head to Reno so I need to start refining my final ramp up. Though my legs felt dead today my body feels healthy and uninjured. Tomorrow will be a little test of the groin on the leg press again after cardio but I'll go a little easier and report back.

Kris isn't going to Reno this year so I think we may be shipping our poles through Shipping is the only way to go because they are picked up from the high school, arrive at the venue, and then are returned back to the high school and you never touch them in between. We can send two bags for a total of about $120 each for three people. The airlines, IF they take them, charge $80 each way and then you have to rent a car to transport them. We'll decide tomorrow or let Kris ship them if someone is getting a car.

I'm not going to Joshua even though I feel like I could jump. Not smart I don't think. Stick to the plan and train through it and start getting mentally and physically primed for Reno. Can't wait to jump at the big event and see all of my friends. Unbelievable experience. More soon. Bubba

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