Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back in Action

When I woke up in our Clearwater, Florida hotel with the panoramic ocean view and 68 degrees, my computer said Houston was clear and 27. When we landed at 10:30 it was 33. After lunch is was 48. An hour later I was at the track and doing my 10 X 50m sled/hills and watching the masters guys practice, it was 55 and I was comfortable in my T-Shirt. Beautiful day and sleds felt great.

Four weeks from today is indoor nationals in Albuquerque. I had a four week ramp up to Reno where I began borderline injured. I feel in prefect health in heart, mind, body and spirits, so as long as I train consistently and don't do anything dumb, I should be able to roll into ABQ healthier than I arrived at Reno. Again I won't vault during this break as I feel confident in my jump. I just need to be faster and more powerful. That's the theory so we will see how it goes. But the main reason I'm not jumping is that it is too darned cold and not worth the injury risk. Have a great evening! Bubba

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