Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gaining Momentum

Inside of three weeks until national indoors so my strength felt better today and I felt less rundown. I'll have to look at schedule detail but I think I will hit my peak thrust by a week from Thursday and then it's taper down quickly. Normally I know this but I have jury duty tomorrow and have to travel on business a week from Thursday so there will be some juggling. Should be able to lift that Thursday morning and then either do Friday's late in the day or on Saturday morning. Need to study the situation.

When I start to feel trashed I really just focus on each set and each individual rep like I did today. I used to kind of look around to what my next exercise was and that got me off track of what I was presently doing. I've also written my blog twice before I worked out and then didn't work out so I will save that for afterwards unless I'm running.

All and all I feel a lot better mentally and physically then I did on my Thursday rotation, as I suggested I might. I'll need to because national indoors is really a preview to this summer's World Championships as 4-5 of the top 5-6 guys in the world are jumping in my group. You could likely see a 13' jump not get a medal and I'm not sure a 13' has ever not gotten 2nd in the M55 group. There were three of us over that in Reno on adjacent pits. Should be fun.

Enjoy your Sunday. Beautiful day here with 65 and spring like weather. Bubba

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