Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harder Than It Has Been In a LONG Time!!

Let's start with my friend and masters vaulter from New Jersey, Carl Huff. He read my post about "The Brazilian", Fabiana Murer at the Milrose Games and sent me of a photo of him with her at that meet. Thanks Carl! Always great to hear from you my friend!

Yesterday I had written the day off. Then some weird spell came over me that said "if you can run today there will never be another day in Texas that you will skip, so go out and gain some mental strength". SO, it's 26 degrees, snow flurries, massive north wind I run my sled/hills into, and to make it worse, I forgot my music. BUT I did them. ALL 10 X 50m. Oh I really thought about stopping at 4,5,6,7 but after that I figured just finish the job so did all 10. Glad I did.

Today was a different story. I knew I would feel bad because I'm settling back into grind mode where you always feel pretty dead, but it was worse than expected. Did my cardio, bars and about half of my lifting very well before it hit me and I had to quit. The gym won the last half of the battle today I am sorry to say. I started feeling nauseous because of the intensity, then very dry mouthed and then I saw I was really up against the clock before a lunch meeting etc. If I would have just gone 30 minutes earlier as planned I would have gotten some water, regrouped and gotten through it. Hate leaving this way but I did get the most important parts done. Thinking about going back later and finishing the rest.

Win some lose some I suppose but I'm disappointed in my conditioning. Fortunately it comes back fast but it DOES suck along the way. It's a fine balance between speed, power and endurance. I used to read that the true test of both is being able to run a five minute mile and bench press 300 lbs. on the same day. It takes different types of training and one takes away form the other. Compound that with the ramp down for Reno followed by the week off afterwards and I should expect to have to climb back up a little. I'm sure it's not as bad as I feel about right now but I'll take the guilt for this moment. Thanks for being here and have a great day! Bubba

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