Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Off

Today is an optional arms/shoulders lift day so I'm skipping it. The rear of my left shoulder is feeling good after several months of agitation and my right one flared up when I started lifting heavy before Reno. I feel very good and not beaten down so I'll take the day and catch up on work stuff and rest the body.

I figured out the rest of my training until nationals and the ramp up of intensity and reduction of volume starts this weekend. I like this time because I always feel pretty good but I have to stay in touch with what's important. Taper down doesn't mean less work it means shorter and harder work. More focus on stretching and bars as well.

Like everyone else, I'm being pulled in a lot of directions right now between work, play, life, etc., and I really enjoy that juggling. It keeps me from getting obsessed with one particular thing or another, though that seems to happen on it's own anyway, especially since Reno.

Taped all of my poles yesterday and found I still have 2-3" (5-7 cm) that I can raise my grip outside of my standard taped area. I don't think I need that but if I do it's there.

Not jumping for another month before a big meet is probably the oddest feeling thing I have ever done. It also feels the most right. Though the weather is nice now, we spent two weeks in the 20s. I'd rather train through than risk injury vaulting in the cold.

After nationals there seems to be a big window before I have a meet again so I'm sure we will have some All Comers meets at our high school. BTW - just got another new pit. Before you know it the big outdoor meets will be here so I think I will just keep grinding away and try to jump once every one to two weeks.

That's all I'm thinking for today. I hope you have a great one. Thank you for being here supporting me!! Bubba

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