Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pen Pals?

I was watching the other day as Regis Philbin was getting an explanation of computers, email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Like me sometimes, he looked like a monkey trying to do a math problem. Then it occurred to me that a good way to describe the way we communicate now, to the generation before us, is that we are realtime "Pen Pals". In "the old days" people would correspond through letters and carry on conversations over years. We can do this in merely seconds. I'm certain we have only discovered yet another way to waste time, but I like having the option. If not, the only way you could read this would be in the newspaper, and who would publish that?

Back to reality. Our poles got back yesterday after being caught up in the storms. I couldn't wait to measure my grip to see what I was gripping in Reno. DEFLATE!! I thought I was gripping about 13' 3" - 4" (4.04-.07m) and I was only at 13' 1" (3.99m). It's good I can jump that well with a low grip but I have to grip higher and normally do. My fault for not writing down my own markings. No way I would have let myself grip that low. No arc to work with. I gripped 13' 3" a year ago and I'm in much better shape.

Talked to Kris about a meet this Saturday and he says I need to skip it and stick with the plan I'm on. He is very pleased with the technical aspects of my jumping but we have have to make those bigger poles feel smaller and that is just flat out grunt work. So as any decent athlete, I will listen to and trust my coach.

Out to the garage. Mid 30s with space heater going but have to get my butt out there. Thank you for being here. Bubba

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