Monday, February 14, 2011

No Jury Duty

As I read my notice to appear for jury duty over the weekend I noticed that they encouraged you to sign up and get a court assignment online. If you did not have that ability to go online then you could call in for recorded instructions. A funny thing told me not to go online but rather wait until Sunday afternoon and then call the recording. Sure enough, enough people had signed up online that my group was cancelled. YEAH!!

Beautiful day today. I went from 25 degrees and needing the heater to almost needing the fan today at 65. Another two months I will be pouring sweat again on the garage days. You just think you are getting into good shape until that heat hits and you basically start all over.

This afternoon I will go over early and re-tape my pole grips and measure them all so I don't get caught by surprise in Reno by gripping lower than I thought I was. Foolish of me not to write it down when I cut the bottoms off the poles. The grips felt a little low but I foolishly thought that was me just getting into better shape. Apparently not.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Hope you are lucky enough to have some special in your life and close to your heart like I do! Have a great day and thanks for being here! Bubba

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