Friday, February 11, 2011

Cold But Better - Entered World Championships

I didn't go back in to the gym yesterday to finish my lift. I wanted to but it felt it would be too OCD to actually go through with it so I let it go. Had a better workout at home this morning. After having my coldest outdoor workout on Wednesday, it was 25 this morning with only a small space heater in my garage. My high parallel bars are outside so that was even colder. Fortunately the sun is out and there is no wind.

I'm in that melancholy mode right now where everything is great in my life and yet I'm too far away from nationals to do more than just grind through my workout. Knowing that I'm not going to jump is fine but it feels too much like working out to be working out and not enough like I'm training for an event. This doesn't change my focus or my efforts but there is little excitement in the workmanlike way I attack the details of the day. I guess I'm saying it's boring and more of a mental grind, though the physical also sucks right now. OK, I'll quit there because I'm sure this doesn't make sense.

Oh yeah, I entered the World Masters Athletics Championships in Sacramento last night. BTW - "Athletics" is what the rest of the world calls "Track & Field". Since I"m not having to move to Florida I don't see why I shouldn't be ready; knock on wood for injuries. My heart is already there so now I have to get my body ready, and July 13 is a long way away. Have a great day and thanks for being here. I'll continue to pursue my passion one day at a time. Bubba

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