Monday, March 26, 2012


That was exactly what I was asking myself as I defiantly left for the track today.  Long story short, I am stressed for time and stressed with responsibilities that I am juggling.  Who isn't, but many of these are big deals that need attention to detail and may very well change my life in ways I'm not sure I will know how to juggle.  That's OK.  Good problem or very deflating if a few of them don't happen.

So today I missed my window to lift so I said screw it, I'm going to take my 1465 out and do my warm up and see if I can get a few jumps in without blowing up my right leg, which felt a little dinged last time.  Remember my whole "Caution - the red light always follows the yellow light"?  SCREW IT!  I'm going out there and if it blows up I'll deal with it then.  Of course in my mind I'm saying that I will stop at the first hint of a flare, but I went out when I shouldn't have.

The very first thing I learned was that the bleachers I was so excited about are not for me.  It not only made my right Achilles sore (the healthy one), but my run rhythm SUCKED and my legs felt dead.  Something about those stadium ramps that make me feel great, so no more bleachers.  Good lesson.

If you read what I just wrote then you know that trying to jump on a 14' 1 (4.30m) pole from six steps or 33' (10m), while feeling dead legged is NOT a smart move.  In fact I was so far out on my first two step take off that I kicked the back of my left knee and thought I would pull a hamstring.  Slowly my body warmed up but never felt good.  I was able to get two decent take offs from 33' gripping about 12' 6" (3.81m) but I didn't feel well enough to try a bar.  On my last one I had a tiny hint of the right leg thing that stopped me last time.  So tomorrow I must do a double lift and when I try lunges I will be able to answer the question, "Am I THAT stupid?"  Right now I feel I got lucky but tomorrow I will know.

Thanks for being here with me.  It's very frustrating sometimes.  I frustrate myself.  I came to California because of a big business opportunity and many more have followed.  I used to have the simple life where most of my work took place by phone and email so training was a breeze.  Now I travel more and I just have to get better at scheduling.  I'm feeling better about it but it's not quite there yet.  By the end of the summer I should be 100% dialed in so I can get ready for worlds next year.  Thanks again!  Bubba

I think I dodged a bullet today I think so here is a salute to Humble Pie - "I Don't Need No Doctor" -

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