Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Consistency On the Easy Stuff!!

Too many times we find ourselves embracing the grind yet ignoring the easy stuff like stretching and active rest.  My lifts have been heavier but shorter this week and I feel pretty strong and reasonably fast. I'm starting to feel like I will feel good on Sunday, and since this is only Tuesday, that's a good sign.  Since my next meet is either late April or June 2, I'd like to have a decent day Sunday.  Hopefully it won't rain, though I know it will be colder.

Today I went through all of my stretches etc., things I sometimes really just want to skip.  I can't risk being tight or not fluid in my running, especially since there will be a drive broken up over three days.  I've got to be accountable to my active rest and stretching on the road, especially my eating. I feel I will be OK as long as I am aware of it today.  Fear is a big motivator and I can't see myself being physically and mentally ready and then taking shortcuts on the final days.  Oh well, that's what's on my mind; take care of the details and don't screw up.  Have a great day and thanks for being here.  Bubba

Smashing Pumpkins - "Bullet With Butterfly Wings".  BTW - I only HEAR the songs when I train so the videos many times surprise me.  But it's the music that drives my training.

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