Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sometimes I Want to YELL!!

I went out to run today and to see if I felt I needed to do a little jumping.  I ran five bleacher ramps and felt I should try some low level jumps to get the kinks out.  I did not bring any of my poles because I didn't know if there would be an event using the field.  There was not.  The school has a ton of poles but their 13' 1" (4m) poles were too small for me.  I decided I will wait and go back tomorrow morning and take my smallest pole and get a few jumps in and do another 5 X bleacher ramps.

PAIN - the outside of my right foot is flared a little again and it may be from the bleacher ramps.  Now what?  Don't know. 

I need to jump because I get a flare in my right lower ab when I have done too much bar work and not enough jumping.  It flares quickly and I have to stop, but it doesn't come back until I have another long period of hard training and not jumping. It doesn't always happen but right now it feels it could and that can't be next Sunday at my big meet. 

Also, I need to flare my knee up a little so the doc can shoot the right spot.  Right now it doesn't hurt but I need it to a little so I can pinpoint the hottest spots for my cortisone injection.  WHATEVER IT TAKES!  Have a great day! Bubba

From Sixx AM (Motley Crue bassist, Nikki Sixx) - This is Going to Hurt - - That says it all for this week, but when it's over, it won't.

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