Friday, March 23, 2012

Traffic Light Logic?

I felt a little pain under my right leg yesterday on one of my jumps.  This is the ding that started my long winding and slow rehab in the fall because I wouldn't leave it alone.  Like an idiot, I took two more jumps after I felt it because I know if it is really about to be hurt, that I will feel additional pain on each jump until I have to stop 3-4 jumps later.  SO, two more jumps and I felt nothing so I stopped with what felt like a fantastic day.

This morning it kind of ached so I decide I'll just do squats and bail on the lunges, which I had put in to strengthen that area.  After squats I decided, what the heck, let's see if it hurts.  If two extra vaults didn't hurt then surely light lunges won't, and besides, they will serve as rehab.  NOPE - I felt it and felt it too much so I stopped.  SO what does this mean?

Though I feel it is so minor that I could probably get away with jumping Monday, I've decided to use what I call "Traffic Light Logic".  You learn a lot from traffic lights; like the kid who said he learned that the yellow light means to go REALLY fast.  For me, a caution light is always followed by a red light, so I will obey the signal and STOP any effort to vault until I can lunge with no pain.

I really don't expect this to take long because this is super mild compared to what I have experienced before.  But with meets on 4/15 and 4/26, I don't want to risk liming around when I can fix it in a week by being cautious.  Besides, I just had the best vault session since I've been in California, AND I'm starting to feel like I'm getting conditioned again.  I think I will stick to that plan and keep momentum gaining in an area that will pay off later when I am healthy.  Thanks so much for your support and have a great evening.  Bubba

Here is REO Speedwagon's "Roll With the Changes", and I will -

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