Thursday, March 22, 2012

Changes Were Good!!

I decided I was sick about bitching about my schedule, travel, business meals, my weight, etc., and decided I would do something about it.  As a result, I met my goal of coming back from Denver lighter than when I left.  Though I did nothing for the past three days I was disciplined about eating and did have a good week of training last week.  Today I was rewarded by a really good vaulting session; probably the best practice since I moved to California the week before Christmas.

Coach Dunn had seen me practice the week before and asked if today if I could jump with his kids so they could get a feel for how I approach practice.  I felt decent and went through my poles from 4 steps and 6 steps.  At 6 steps (33' - 10m) I cleared 11' (3.35m) very easily on my 4m/14.7, skipped to 12' (3.66m) and made it twice, once on my 14.3 and once on my biggest carbon, a 13.5/182.  I've only jumped on the 13.5 once this year and that was right before Reno and it was a real struggle.  Today it felt very manageable as my strength and technique matched up well with a quick run rhythm.  In fact I thought the pole was too small and that has never happened on that pole from that run, EVER. 

Monday I will jump with the older kids and start from 6 steps on my 14' 1" (4.30m) poles and see if I can get the first one to move from there.  If I can it will be the first time since right after the World Masters Games in 2009.  I will make that my mission.  I know I can't get on the next pole from that run (.9 jump) and have never cleared a bar on it from 8 steps, so that's the next goal.  I'll train over the next few days to be fresh that day and try and knock both of these goals out.

My only travel next week is Thursday when I go to San Jose for the day and come home that evening.  No travel scheduled immediately after that but Denver will happen again maybe the 9th as I have a big deal finishing there.  This should give me a couple of more weeks of consistent training. 

I'm not at my vaulting weight yet but I'm within 3 lbs (1.3 kg) of being at the top end.  I'm 174 and my most effective vault range for a meet is 168-171.  In practice I like to be a few pounds heavier as it makes me feel quicker at meets. 

Today was a very pleasant surprise considering how crappy I have felt about myself, my efforts and my vaulting.  Getting a full week of regular training last week did wonders for my attitude.  It gave me a purpose to pay attention and stop my bitching.  Thank YOU all for putting up with it and hanging in here with me!  Bubba

I'm reading Ozzy Osbourne's book, which of course is fascinating.  Here is the most "Un-Ozzie" song but a nice change for today, "Changes" -

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