Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things Are Looking Up?!

I went out for my first vault session at Dana Hills High School this morning, fully expecting to be out eight weeks.  I felt like I dinged my groin thing doing lunges this week and was afraid of a complete setback.  I didn't feel anything when I was lifting but later it kind of ached and hurt like it did a month before Reno.  DANGIT!!  I didn't feel it running my stadium ramps yesterday but felt it when I made lateral moves before and afterward.  Not a good sign.

As I expected I needed to get out and shake my body up a little bit and TRY and get a few jumps in until a flare came and stopped me.  Well, that's what I expected. In fact, I didn't even think I would get far enough along to bother bringing out a crossbar.  Then came the surprise.  Granted I did not feel horrible but I didn't feel good either but the result was encouraging. I completed nine vaults from four steps (22') clearing 9' 6" - 11'.  I took five jumps at 11' (3.35m) just because I wasn't quite tired enough yet and I only brought but one pole. 

Near the end my body was starting to feel a little beat up so I stopped and finished the remaining five stadium ramps from yesterday.  SO, I will not be a tourist next week and will actually vault in the meet. In addition, I found if I put my take off foot down under me, like I am supposed to, instead of blocking, that my knee didn't hurt.  I hurt now but I'm not really injured in any way I don't think.  I've pushed my luck enough for today and relieved to say the least.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for being here!  Bubba

GFR - "Inside Looking Out" -  A great grind away song for running bleacher ramps.

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