Friday, March 2, 2012

Fly Away? Or Not?

My friend and USA National Champion, Mark Hollis above the bar and the crowd
at the Mall Vault / Drake Relays.

Had a nice garage lift today and it made me wonder if I should try an easy little jump session tomorrow.  I'm thinking it might get me moving around a little to shake the kinks out, as well as flare up my knee a little so I can find the place to get it shot on Wednesday.  I'll play it by ear when I get out there to run tomorrow.

Tonight was Dana Hills High School's Intrasquad meet (Blue/White) so I helped out on one pit and Julie helped on the other one.  Since the coach and guy who used to vault there, Steven, was at work, I got to get to know the kids a little better.  Overall I was really impressed by what they have taught as all kids had really good fundamental mechanics.  Not that I'm surprised but that it is pleasant to see.  A really fun night. 

I'll report back tomorrow and we will see what we shall see.  I think physically I can do this but I have to weight if it is smart.  Right now I'm leaning toward it. Have a great evening and thanks for being here!  Bubba

Lenny Kravitz', "Fly Away" -

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